From small business to large corporations, having a reliable and mission critical network server is the fundamental building block in the business process.

How Server Technology Will Benefit Your Business

File and Network Security

Employees' acccess to the network is more easily managed since you will have control over who is able to read or write to certain files.

Increased reliability; decreased workflow interruptions

Built with redudant power supplies and multiple hard drives, a fail in a single power supply will no longer risk data loss and it allows you to change out hard drives easily when one is faulty without interrupting the business work flow.

Centralized data storage and shared resources

Employees can access and/or share resources through NAS with other employees efficiently from their desks.

Centralized Backup

Backups should be done regularly and having a centralized data storage such as iSCSI or NAS to conduct backups not only increases efficiency but also increases reliability as well.

Our Products and Services for your storage and backup needs.

From 1U servers to Super Work Stations, we have what you need to store and backup your important data. Having servers in your company requires maintenance and servicing which Taknet promises to deliver excellence in.

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Solutions for your storage and backup needs.

From RAIL Systems, cloud gaming to server management, we have the solution for you.

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